Basic Diagnostics

Not sure what’s wrong? We’ll get down to the root of the cause with a basic diagnosis of your computer or device and provide you with a clear plan on how to remedy the problem.

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    Please Note: Diagnostics charge is free if you go with your repair quote.

    Computer Diagnostics
    Complete Computer Tune-Up / Repair

    Complete Computer Tuneup – $144.95

    Please Note: Due to the fact that cleanup is very intensive, it can only be done in shop. Free local pickup is available.

    • Install and/or Update Antivirus Software
    • Remove Viruses From System
    • Remove Unwanted Msconfig Start Up Apps
    • Remove Unwanted Programs and Search Bars
    • Complete Hardware Cleaning. Dust and Debris Removal, Fan Cleaning, and Lube If Required.
    • Install and/or Update Malwarebytes and Spybot Software
    • Remove Spyware/Adware/Malware and Root Kits From System
    • Remove Internet Temp and Win Temp Files
    • Optimize Windows Registry
    • Install Windows Updates

    Data Recovery

    Includes using special software and tools. If we cannot recover any data, this service is free!

    Hard Drive Reformatting

    After backing up and reformatting your hard drive we will get you set up with Windows, install updates and software, restore your files and clean your computer.

    Onsite Service Calls

    Save yourself the hassle of packing up and bringing your computer to us. We’ll come to you! Based on an hourly rate.

    In-Shop Service

    Drop off your computer or device for service at our shop in Vernon, BC. Based on an hourly rate.

    It's the service after the sale that counts.

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